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Welcome to liveworkstrategize

We are "effectiveness partners" for individuals, teams, institutions, organization and businesses of all sizes. We specialize in business and career performance consultancy and coaching.

Through coaching, consulting and proprietary approaches we help you to define/refine goals and unearth solutions to deliver desired outcomes for your business or career. We bring depth and focus to your challenges. We offer thought partnership for support and guidance when dealing with complex projects, people, organizations and issues. Hear what our clients have to say.

With four steps we elevate performance and help you to transform and transition for success...
  1. Goal Clarity - We partner to achieve clear articulation of measurable goals.
  2. Strategy - We partner to craft a realistic strategy to achieve measurable goals.
  3. Planning - We partner to support the development and execution of thoughtful plans.
    We don’t leave you with a strategic blueprint to fend for yourself.
  4. Results - We monitor milestones and measure desired outcomes, results and success.
You will notice that "live" is the first verb of the three verbs in our name.  Because it is not about "work" or "strategy" or "living" in isolation. We care about the alignment of "strategy" for "work and career performance" within the context of "your desired life" (and the lives of your employees).  At liveworkstrategize we do not subscribe to theoretical and boiler plate solutions. We customize every solution because we know that it is sometimes the subtle differences that make ALL of the difference in optimizing performance, bottom line value and desired business and human outcomes.
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Client's Perspective
Effectiveness Bite Sized
Founder and President

We are now coaching on a referral basis only. All other services are available on a non-referral basis.  See capabilities section for more information.
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